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Broadband UHF intercom system

Teamwork, wireless long distance intercommunications!


  • Very high audio quality Full duplex
  • Audio transmission for orders with analog FM transmission of digital codes
  • Selectable transmitter frequency by 25 kHz levels over 72 MHz (9 TNT channels) 470 MHz / 542 MHz
  • Selectable reception frequencies by 25 KHz levels over 72 MHz (9 TNT channels) 630 MHz / 702 MHz
  • Automatic or manual selection of switchable filters on the antennas splitter, on 3 frequency ranges 
  • Switchable Transmitting power 50 / 100 / 500 mW + 5 W boost
  • Beltpacks Transmitting power  from 10 to 250 mW, with controlled power variation depending on the received field strength on the main unit receiver
  • Receivers Sensitivity: 4μV (-95 dBm)
  • Digital audio connection between the main unit modules: up to 8 TX / 8 RX by central unit
  • Audio bandwidth : 20 Hz-16 kHz for a 95dB SNR managed by digital compounder
  • XLR-4 connectors with inner power supply (5V)
  • 1 line IN on 3.5mm Jack
  • Digital data squelch protecting the Overline UHF receivers against external disturbances when Beltpacks are not in permanent broadcast
  • Mobile running on removable Lipo batteries (8 hours on continuous transmission, 12 hours on reception)
  • 8 selectable directions Keyboard through 8 shift mode keys with associated leds
  • OLED screen with pulldown menu on beltpacks and main unit (color display) 
  • Call light function on beltpacks 
  • Remote control of beltpacks from the main unit with carry on PC
  • Frequency agility mode allowing an unlimited number of Beltpacks on a single database
  • Modular system compatible with any other audio system from the main unit with EtherSound ™ to control audio and GPIOs

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Broadband UHF intercom system

    The Broadband UHF intercom system is used in the fields broadcast, events and theatre - opera fields.


    Appreciate the comfort of a full duplex very high audio quality : 
    • Simultaneous UHF broadcast & reception   
    • Audio quality meeting broadcast recording criteria  
    • Broadband feedback


    Control all communication parameters in real-time thanks to the remote digital control system : 
    • Pilot mobiles from the base in real-time (microphone level control / broadcast frequency / broadcasting...)
    • Pilot the entire system from a computer 
    • Data squelsh (to leave the door open without fear of emissions interference cut)


    Benefit from high user flexibility thanks to complete multiplex modes and frequency agility : 
    • Simultaneous communication of an ulimited set of mobiles that can belong to different networks   
    • 8 keys Keypad beltpacks with 8 directions and a pulldown menu on OLED screen allowing the user to access independently up to 8 major networks through GPIO control  
    • Unlocked beltpack assignment to the network 
    • Unlimited number of mobiles on a reduced number of receivers and  frequencies.


    Benefit from the complete adaptable configuration of the system as well as its perfect integration to your existing instal- lations : 
    • “A la carte” configuration of the base modules 
    • Main unit connecting up to 8 RX and 8 TX acting as matrix management, dynamic frequency allocation, filter management,   and interface with any other UHF and wired communication system (Ethersound™, Audio, GPIO).

    This solution includes the following modules:

    • OW BC4

      OW BC4

      Fast Charger Cassette - OW BC4 : 
      4 ways automatic fast charger for OW B7.4 type batteries

    • OW TX

      OW TX

      Broadcast Cassette - OW TX : 
      HF 50 / 500 mW / 1 W broadcast cassette with integrated insulator.
    • OW PS130

      Power Supply Cassette - OW PS130 : 
      100-240V power supply for OW range modules
    • OW RX

      OW RX

      Reception diversity Cassette - OW RX: 
      TNC Diversity cassettes

    • OW - DP

      OW DP

      Reporter Mobile - OW DP :
      8 directions Full Duplex Audio Transmis- sion mobile unit 
    • OW ADP

      OW ADP

      Multicoupling Cassette - OW ADP : 
      Diversity antenna distributor with commu- table filters
    • OW MCU

      OW MCU

      Central Unit - OW MCU : 
      Overwave range Central Unit Manage- ment Matrix (MCU)

    • RF transmission - Paris - FRANCE
    • Europe News (national French radio) - Paris - France
    • Sennheiser - ALLEMAGNE
    • France TV - Paris - France
    • Qatar Media Corporation - Doha - Qatar
    • Canal + - Paris - France
    • TF1 - Les Enfoirés - France
    • Dorna Sports - moto GP
    • FIFA World cup
    • France TV - championnat du monde ski - Val d'Isère
    • Enduropale - Le Touquet-Paris-Plage - France
    • France TV - Les Jeux Olympiques - France
    • Les 24 heures du Mans - Le Mans - France
    • France TV - Roland Garros
    • Le tour de France
    • Théâtre de Tours
    • Salle 3000 - Lyon - FRANCE
    • Cité de la Musique / Philharmonie de Paris (group of institutions dedicated to music) - Paris - France
    • Opéra Comique
    • Théâtre de L'Odéon
    • Opéra de Montpellier - Montpellier - FRANCE
    • Opéra de Lille - Lille - FRANCE
    • Fondation Louis Vuitton (foundation dedicated to art) - Paris - France
    • Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes - France

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